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Hey there Misfits! Hope you’re all excited to “gobble” up some turkey (don’t you love my puns?). Today is going to be a shorter article from me. I have been busy editing our podcast in preparation for its launch so that it can be the best it can be for you guys to enjoy.

So today’s topic is mostly a question to you, our beloved readers. I talked about this in one of our upcoming episodes, so be sure to check that out, but apparently our buddy Deadpool is appearing on Good Housekeeping’s Holiday cover. Good Housekeeping also included this statement regarding the issue:

“Deadpool’s persistence to be in Good Housekeeping was impressive — initially, we had no idea who he was, let alone that he was a fan of the magazine. But after repeated attempts to ignore his… passion… we came to a compromise. He could appear in one issue if he promised to stop leaving care packages at our editors’ homes and agreed to maintain a 50-foot distance from the Good Housekeeping offices and our staff.” -GH

Check out the whole article through the link above. If you’re a fan of Deadpool and all the sillyness he brings, you definitely enjoy this marketing move. Deadpool’s marketing campaign for the first movie was a little out there and mostly marketed the film as a romantic story for couples to go see on valentine’s day. Anyone who has seen the movie knows that is not true but it was clever and fun to see the marketing team try to get as much buzz going about the movie as possible. Now that the second movie is coming out, the same team seems to have stepped up their game and gotten Deadpool a feature in a magazine he has no business being in. So if you’re a Deadpool fan like me, you may see this as a funny and smart marketing move. 

However, if you are a Good Housekeeping fan, you may be thinking, who the fuck is this strange looking red guy on my magazine? As my co-host Jared pointed out, this may feel to some like a missed shot, in that, the two fan bases of Deadpool and Good Housekeeping do not share many common interests for the most part. The majority of the readers may not even know who the loveable murk is and not understand the jokes inside at all.

So, getting to the main point of this article. What do you guys think? Is this a clever marketing move, merging two divergent genres to create confusion in order generate buzz and conversation about an upcoming movie? Or does this feel like a missed shot and a waste of time and money on both companies parts? I personally just enjoy the humor of it and think that the oddity the combination will get people talking and in turn, cause people who would never even think of Deadpool, to look into what his deal is and maybe grab some new viewers that are out of the normal demographic.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this stunt and have a conversation about the pros and cons. Whichever way you lean on the matter, I think we can all agree with my other co-host, Nick: Deadpool must have some great laundry tips on how to remove blood from clothes.

Please leave me some comments down below if you have any thoughts on this topic, I am very eager to hear what people have to say. 

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Until next week Misfits! Have a Happy Turkey Day!