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Tryna Clash?

What’s up Misfits? Did you miss me? I took last week off from posting on the blog so I could focus on editing our podcast. Three episodes are up already and you can check them out here! But now thankfully for you guys, I am back.

Today I want to talk about a gaming tournament that just recently wrapped up; The Clash Royale Crown Championship! Now, I know some people consider mobile gaming the Sicily of our gaming community’s “Italy” (many Italians believe Sicily isn’t a true part of Italy). However, I side with the mobile gamers (not Sicily, Naples all the way baby). Before you jump down my throat; if all you play is Angry Birds on your phone, are you a gamer? LOL no, but I do believe there are a certain few mobile games that require skill and strategy that qualify as real “gaming” games. One of these games that qualifies in my eyes, is Clash Royale.

Now for those of you who don’t know about the game, it is a PVP based game made by SuperCell that has you unlock chests that are earned in battle, collect cards with different abilities from these chests, upgrade the cards and build the best deck possible from your collection to best your adversary. As you win battles, you gain trophies which help you enter new arenas that house stronger foes. Along with this 1v1 PVP mode known as ladder, there are 2v2 battles (known to my friends and me as 2zzzzzzz),  rotating conditional game modes (such as touchdown mode) and last but not least: Challenges. Normally these challenges have a special condition, usually requiring a certain card to be used in your 8 card deck and every win brings you closer to a large valuable prize, while each loss gives you a strike and as the ol song goes: Three strikes and you’re out, mother fucker…ok maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that.

This game can be incredibly fun at times and other times it is incredibly annoying to the point you may travel to the Grand Canyon just so you can hurl your “stupid piece of shit lagging” phone into its depths. So why play? Because we live in the smartphone era and taking a shit has become too boring to not beat others and trash talk relentlessly while doing so, that’s why!



*Thumbs up king* *Thumbs up king* *Crying king*

Good Game!

But in all seriousness, it is a very enjoyable, very addictive game.

The most recent challenge, known as the Crown Championship Challenge, was a little different. The goal was to get 20 wins before losing 3 times (Yo, FUCK that), which to many, including myself seemed impossible. At 14 wins, you won a legendary chest, containing a badass legendary card and at 20 wins, you got 250,000 gold and an entry invitation to the Crown Championship.

This Crown Championship was a tournament used to pit the best players in the world against each other, to find the one true, best Clash player in the world, or chosen one, if you will. And who better to win the title of Crown Champion and the $150,000 prize? A 16-year-old from Mexico by the name of Sergioramos:). That’s right a fucking 16-year-old with a smiley face in his name beat out over 28 million players (not by himself) and won $150,000, that’s insane. That has got to be the coolest feeling ever for him and a great story to tell his friends (Or maybe even on a date, to test if shes really the one. If she thinks that you winning a Clash Royale tournament is fucking dope, then you marry her Sergio, you hear me?!?!).

I tried my hand at the challenge and lost after 8 wins, my thumbs failed me and I am a disappointment to my family and clan. But Sergio’s thumbs served him well and he brought honor to his clanmates.

Congratulations again to Sergioramos:) and Nova Esports on becoming the first ever Clash Royal Crown Champions! You guys deserve it. I just hope he doesn’t spend all the winnings on gems and gold (unless there’s a super magical chest involved, then all bets are off).

If you play Clash or feel like getting into the game, join my glorious clan known as the sable, run by the all-powerful, fearless and noble NDUFU. I’d be happy to rip a 2zzzzz with some fellow Misfits.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Clash Royale or this article, drop me a comment or send me a message, I’d be happy to connect with you all (Y’all is not a word people).

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Until next time Misfits, Clash on! *Thumbs up king*