Let’s Talk: SOMA

Happy Wednesday!

Hopefully, you didn’t miss me too much on Monday, things have been extremely hectic on my end getting ready for the upcoming holidays as well as with work but don’t worry! Check out the website tomorrow for a special Thanksgiving post!I hope everyone is having a great week! I’m excited for the next couple of days because of time spent with family and loved ones as well as finally having a couple of days off!

This is the working title for something I’d like to do from time to time called ‘Let’s Talk’ where I talk about things in gaming, comics and pop culture that have an interesting twist to them that makes me want to read/watch/play that media more. It’s a work in progress so please, bear with me. This week, I’m looking forward to talking to you guys about a game I heard about a couple of months ago that was released for PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation, with a release date for Xbox One on December 1st, named SOMA. 


This game was made by Frictional Games, an independent game publisher/developer from Sweden, that prides itself on developing their own technology to fuel their games. They’ve only developed five titles but the names should be familiar to you such as the Penumbra series, the Amnesia collection and, of course, SOMA. While I’ve never played any of the Penumbra series, I enjoyed all of the Amnesia collection and continue to go back to it, especially since it was released for PS4 Plus members for free back in October! Having always been a fan of independent developers, when I heard about this game, I was so pumped to take a look at it. Released back in September of 2015, SOMA is a science fiction horror game which deals with a lot of different topics all centering around what it means to be human. Like other games from this developer, you are in the first person perspective as you explore this facility. They use a lot of psychological horror elements as opposed to common scare elements which are found in most games for this genre.

This game takes place in an underwater research center called PATHOS-II, that is in apparent disarray at the beginning of the game, and follows the character Simon Jarrett, who has brain damage due to an event that happens prior to the game. Following him throughout this deep sea lab, he finds one other by the name of Catherine, who understands what has happened in this lab and acts as his guide for the duration of the game. As you adventure through the map with/out Catherine, you find yourself immersed in these amazing scenes, from blood-drenched grates to the plants and sea life when in the ocean. Unlike some of the other games they have published and developed, this one has very few objects that can be interacted with in-game, but the environment is still a puzzle in it of itself. A good chunk of what happens in the game is figuring out where you need to be, where you are and how to get there without letting the robotic human-esque ‘monsters’ that are around every corner. Something really cool that this game does is in the modes they have, which are regular play with attacks and all the usual that would come with a horror game and a safe mode play. Safe mode doesn’t get rid of the monsters but turns them into more curious creatures that investigate you as opposed to attacking. One of the game’s developers, Thomas Grip, has said in previous interviews that while the game’s monsters help build the atmosphere they are trying to create, the stories they bring to the table aren’t that important to the larger themes of the game concerning identity and what it means to be human. With things like that in mind, it makes my interest in this game go from a 9 to a 50000. I’m super excited to purchase this game and play it on one of my consoles. It’s currently on PlayStation 4 for $29.99 and  Steam for $10.49

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and everyone stays odd!

Have a great one!



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