Need to Know: Black Friday

Happy Monday Misfits!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I sure did by starting the remake of the .hack//G.U. game series, which I got for my partner as an early Christmas gift. He has played the entire game series and based off his thoughts, I decided to give it a test run. While I’m not super far into the game, I find myself wanting to play hours upon hours of it. It’s so immersive that sometimes when I go to check my email in the game, I find myself forgetting that I’m in the game. Be on the look out in the future for full play posts about it once I’ve done some advancing!

Speaking about the holidays, since they just around the corner, I find myself wondering what I’m going to be doing in terms of gifts for my friends, my animals, my partner and others in my life. I also find myself trying to figure out where all the best sales are – especially for games and systems! While we have a PS4 at our home, it’s a little hard when you both want to play your games for the same system. Usually I’ve got to kick him off so I can some in before I go to bed! Today I’d like to share some of the notable sales happening during Black Friday and going into Cyber Monday.


According to the blog post, their sales will go from November 19 Novemeber 27th, lasting an entire week. Starting with the VR systems, there are two bundles: Playstation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle at $299.99 (MSRP) and the Playstation VR Skyrim Bundle at $349.99. These bundles include the PS VR system, Playstation camera, a copy of the games as well as 13 PS VR demo titles for you to try! The Skyrim bundles comes with two Playstation move controllers, which are vital to gameplay. For the Playstation 4, the 1TB Slim system is only going to be $199.99, which is a great price to get it at, especially for the gamer in your life. DualShock 4 controllers are also at a low price as well, only $39.99! They just released a bunch of translucent colors as well so now is the time hop on those deals! Some of the best deals come in the form of games with deals up to 40% off popular titles starting on November 17th if you’re a PS Plus member, November 21st if you aren’t but the deals go until November 28th so there will be enough time to browse these titles.


While Xbox is also having a week long Black Friday, this is only open to Xbox Live Gold members starting November 17th through November 27th. The deals for the public start November 23rd, so it won’t be too long for a wait. While all of the deals will become public knowledge on the 23rd, some deals have been presented by Xbox. The Xbox One S 500GB is only $189 with a free game of your choice, one month Xbox game pass and 14 day Xbox Gold subscription trial. Certain retailers will be doing the free game while others won’t so check with the retailer to see if that will be offered with your bundle. Games are going to be up to 65% off their MSRP, with Gold members getting an extra 10% off. Gold members will have early access to this deal, starting November 17th with general access on November 21. In the Design Lab, where you can design your own controllers, you get $15 off the price, which starts at $64.99, with free shipping starting on November 21st. 

This is a developing story so as soon as I know more about the deals, I will be updating this post or making a separate post with the update so be on the lookout! The sales which I want to go out on Black Friday for are the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One S offers, but I don’t know what to choose. Like I said earlier, I am leaning more towards the PS4 because all of my games are for that and I really enjoy the system, however I know that I never really gave the Xbox a chance and with everything it comes with, it’s a very enticing offer. I didn’t get a chance to cover all of the offers but there will be links below which have the full press releases from Microsoft and Sony.

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all of which are linked on the side! Our podcast will be premiering here November 20th so be on the look out for that!

And as always, stay odd!


(Source: Sony and Microsoft)


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