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Halloween has come and gone but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay in the spooky spirit. Here at Misfit’s Tavern we are keeping Halloween going all week-long , and in the spirit of Halloween her are 5 video game bosses that will give you the creeps.



I. The Thorian: Mass Effect

The Thorian can be found on the Planet Zhu’s Hope in the Mass Effect Universe. This creature is a giant parasite that is not only capable of taking control of people’s minds it can also clone other life forms. Aside from its startling appearance what really makes this boss creepy is that it uses spores to turn people into thralls without the host even being aware they are infected.



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   II. The Hunter: Dead Space

     Dead Space is a very creepy game and one of the creepiest enemies is the Hunter. This mini boss likes to jump out of vents and drop down from ceilings right before it runs at you faster than an Olympic sprinter. This grotesque monster not only looks terrifying but is one of the most challenging monster to kill in the game.



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           III. Silent Hill 2: Pyramid Head

                 The Pyramid head from Silent Hill is the most iconic video game monster on this list. This giant half monster half man is one of the strongest enemies in the Silent Hill franchise as well as one of the scariest to encounter. The metal pyramid-shaped helmet on this creatures head give it an ominous nightmare inducing Visage that is even more frightening in-game.


                      download (15).jpg

IV. Outlast: The Groom

The Groom is a villain in the Outlast Whistle Blower DLC. He is a mental patient that has endured torture and torment while being imprisoned at Mount Massive Asylum. The Groom is a deranged serial killer with an extremely creepy demeanor, he suffers from delusions that give him the urge to brutally torture and mutilate his victims for sexual gratification. The thing that makes The Groom so creepy is that his back story is oddly plausible and  his behavior is reminiscent of serial killers that have actually existed.


    download (13).jpg

V. Fable 3: The Crawler

The Crawler Is the main antagonist for the second half of Fable 3, he is an ancient entity that was locked away long before the events of Fable. In the game The Crawler awakens due to recent events and is unintentionally set free by the games hero. This evil character loves to torment his victims before possessing them and robbing their unlucky soul of all light and hope  sending them into a fit of madness and despair. The Crawler has a creepy other worldly appearance and produce several jump scares thought the video game in stark contract to most of the other villains in the franchise.


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