The Spooktastic Top 5 comic’s for the Halloween Spirit


The spookiest day of the year has officially passed but let’s face it, we still have a little bit of Halloween left in us. Maybe it’s our love for scaring the hell out of ourselves, or just the fact that we are twisted little misfits who just love great stories. Whatever your reason, sit back eat some candy and check this list of my Top 5 Scary comics, you should be reading!


5. American Vampire (Scott Snyder)

Though this is not traditionally not very scary it is nonetheless an incredible story surrounding two main characters at two separate timelines, Pearl Jones and the infamous Skinner Sweet. Neither character is the perfect protagonists set to the backdrop of important times in human history these two anti-heroes have very different motivations but without getting into spoilers their paths of destruction create a beautifully weaved story worth a read.


The Vertigo Comic was first launched in 2010, and written by Scott Snyder from issue 1 and the king of thrillers himself Stephen King. Though Stephen would stop writing the story after Issue 5, Scott Snyder has gone on to take the series a lengthy 7 years and will be returning in 2018. The Period Comic, is both hard hitting and a complete gem in its genre.


4. Batman’s Arkham Asylum: A serious House on Serious Earth (Grant Morrison)


Written By the Legendary Grant Morrison this tale marked his first step into the world of Batman. A fantastic read seeing Batman thrust into a psychological game of escape, as the prisoners riot and begin to literally run the asylum. This book gives a revealing look at the history of both Arkham Asylum but more importantly Amadeus Arkham the founder of the famous asylum. It is dark and honestly a little spooky.


Most people know Arkham Asylum title as the video game series, but contrary to popular belief this comic is the where it all got its start. The comic has inspired both the video game and the backdrop for the movie Batman Begins. It even inspired some of the stories in Batman the animated series. It is a fantastic read and a bit chilling!


3. The Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore)


Originally this classic was pitched to be a sequel to George Romero’s cult classic Night of the Living dead. Though Image Comics powers that be loved the idea they suggested that they rework it and make it an original piece so they could have 100 percent of the rights. This decision gave birth to the famous Walking Dead we know and love today. The story follows former Sheriff’s Deputy and comatose patient Rick Grimes and his not so merry Band of survivors, struggling to not only survive the zombie apocalypse but also each other.


It originally debuted in 2003 before spawning its critically acclaimed TV series in 2010. Although the TV show is a instant classic, it’s slightly watered down in quality compared to the comic books. What both show and Comic do that makes my insides jiggle, is the “no one is exempt from death” Concept it employs. It is still ongoing and begs a read whether you are a fan of the series or not.


2. Preacher (Garth Ennis)


This Vertigo Comics rooted piece of fiction is both thrilling and a little weird, it centers on preacher Jesse Custer.  Who after being “Bonded” with a supernatural infant source known as Genesis a product of a unholy shag fest between an angel and Demon. It ends up giving Jesse unbelievable abilities making him arguably one of the most powerful beings in the universe. He sets out on a Cross country journey in search of God who has abandoned heaven upon Genesis’ birth. Jesse does so with his Ex-girlfriend Tulip, and his Irish Vampire sidekick Cassidy. The three meet incredible foes that both shape and destabilize the very fabric of Jesse’s world.


Though this show had a few attempted Adaptations, it ultimately found its footing on AMC with the Preacher series in 2015 with a Pilot Co-written by Seth Rogen. It has inspired other concepts, such as Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger born. It is a terrifying, and often humorous ride, that redefines both good, bad and ultimate power.


1.  The Crow (James O’barr)


This is my number one pick, for the unfamiliar comic book fan this character is The Punisher meets Batman. Though that is probably a gross misrepresentation, it’s as close to the tone that I can get. The story is about Eric, a young man who is brought back by this supernatural crow who resurrects victims of murder to exact revenge on their murderers. Eric Was killed by a group of gang members while his fiancé was raped in front of his paralyzed eyes before she was killed as well. Eric returns to the land of the living and hunts down his Murderers. The Gothic and dark tone sets the comic apart from other Thrillers as it beautifully seams psychological thrilling with creative Violence.


It was later adapted to a couple of movies, the first and most famous starred the Late Brandon Lee, who unfortunately died while filming the movie during a set accident. Its dark tone, and vengeful motivations creates a both spooky but thrilling adventure.

So there you have it! My List for a Spooktastic post Halloween Follow up. Let me know your thoughts below, and share your own favorite comics in the comment section. Until next time, this is Jared signing off.


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