5 old games that deserve a re-boot

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Microsoft recently announced backward compatibility for some titles from the original Xbox, and it made me think about how much fun it would be to play a modern version of  older games. But which titles would be best suited for a re-boot? While there are probably hundreds of games that would make great current generation titles, I’ve managed to narrow it down to the 5 games I would like to see most.


1. The Bouncer (2001):

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This beat’ em up was co developed by SquarseSoft and Dream Factory for the PlayStation 2, it’s fast paced action packed and forces you to make decisions that matter. The decisions you make are influenced by which of the three main characters you are playing as so the story plays out differently based on which character you choose which gives the game very good re playabilty. This is why this title would lend itself well to today’s gamer.

2. Blood Omen 2 (2002):

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Blood Omen 2 follows a Vampire named Kain who seeks revenge for crimes committed against him. The creative story line, unique main character, and creatively designed weapons made it one of my favorite games to play on PlayStation 2 and I would love to see it make a return.

3. Star Wars Jedi Knight-Jedi Academy(2003):

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This game lets you play as a Jedi in training (think K.O.T.O.R meets Harry Potter) and even lets you play as human or an alien race of your choosing. Under the tutelage of Master Skywalker you embark on various missions to maintain peace across the galaxy. This game offered an experience that really made you feel as if you were a unique part of the Star Wars universe and would make a great candidate for a remastering.

4. Jade Empire (2005):

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Jade Empire takes place in Imperial China and allows you to play as a martial artist who is tasked with rescuing their instructor from an evil emperor. This is a well written action role-player that is a graphics upgrade away from being a modern-day best seller.

5. The Legend of Dragoon (1999): 

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This turn based single-player RPG is very similar to final fantasy in its play style but the story differs greatly. This game was considered challenging due to its complex attack combinations and difficult enemies but allowed players to feel accomplished as they progressed. I would love to see this game brought into current gen with a re boot or even a squeal.


Well that’s my list, let us know what games you think should be revived, and don’t forget to follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates and announcements.


Catch you Later Misfits,







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