Picture this, You’re a pudgy twelve-year-old. You’re taking off across the chalked up blacktop of your school playground. Your Ninja Turtles t-shirt clinging just above your belly button, you’re grabbed by the collar and taken to the ground. You land on your Darth Vader backpack staring up at the pack of wild older kids who have had enough of the odd one who likes the kiddy crap. They pull down your pants and expose your spiderman undies and proceed to kick the shit out of you before one of them decides to literally take a shit on you.

Fast forward 9 years and you’re  in a bar amongst the few friends you have managed to amass. They are going on about how they realize they need to grow up and will be getting that big job they’ve been working for. They ask you what you’re working on, and you go on to tell them how you’re working on a screenplay, or a comic, or your brand new blog. They laugh, they say “don’t you think it’s time you grow up?” They poke and prod about you having a plan.  That comics,  blogging, and movies are all fun hobbies but it will never be a thing. They aren’t interested in larping, tabletop games, gaming (besides Madden), comics, movies or tv shows that don’t involve some kind of date or don’t further their interests. So you keep it to yourself.

Fast forward another 8 years, you’re stuck in an office doing stuff for 40 hours a week that you don’t care about.  Surrounded by people who think you’re a little too old to be still into half the shit you’re into. You only have some acquaintances and more than that, your spouse doesn’t get those weird cartoons you watch with the over exaggerated eyes.Your parents think you probably should spend your free time with your family and that superheroes and weekend trips to the comic shop are just a bit tiresome. Your acquaintances have established that you are that one friend that get’s excited about weird shit like Comic-Con, Wednesdays, Tuesdays, Fridays, and the Fall premiere lineups. They don’t get how you can go to a midnight release. How when your Loot Crate arrives  it is the most epic time of the month for you. Now it sinks in you’re odd, you don’t quite fit the mold.

Did any part of that sound like you?  Well, it’s not you, it’s me. No excuse me, it’s us.

Whether you are fan, an aspiring writer, an artist or just a voyeuristic creeper who likes lurking around; I am here to offer you a forum to explore and learn. Misfits Tavern is a place for the losers, the geeks, the oddballs, and the crazy ones. I want us to embrace the terms because here Geek is king!


Who am I?

My name is Jared Moses but most people call me J-Red. I want to talk to you about the things that most people either don’t care about or are ashamed to care about. How do you feel about comics, movies, TV, and video games? The passion for Cosplay and hours of gaming?

I was binge watching Saturday morning VHS recordings of Megaman, and DBZ cartoons before streaming Netflix was even a thought.  Before it was cool to wear Avengers t-shirts and fan out on Star Wars (the novels, not just the movies). I loved comic books and was a huge fan of telling stories long before it was Hollywood’s cash cow. I found that there was a small select group of individuals who felt the same, and most of us were considered outcasts. Discovering that I didn’t quite fit into the “square holes”.  I wanted to create a space for people to not only discuss the things they love but also be educated on the things they love.

I have been a fan of comics since I got my first Captain America comic and action figure bundle when I was 11 years old. I have studied them and have related to them in ways that some might find slightly unhealthy (Ok massively unhealthy). I have studied writing screenplays and storytelling for over 10 years. I have written a few teleplays as well. My passion has always been the craft though I have been guilty of succumbing to “writing isn’t a career, don’t waste your time” advice. But in recent years it has not stopped me from pursuing it.

I have been helping others develop excellent stories and while working on my own. I have, as unhealthy as it may sound, watched movies and TV shows for the purpose of critiquing for over 9 years. I am a geek who has always looked for a place to belong and found that since I couldn’t find one I’d make one.


Brief History Lesson

A few months back I found myself a bit depressed, feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere. I spoke to my wife about it, letting her know that I just felt that out of place every where I went. She did her best to understand and ultimately encouraged me to put myself out there, “Find my Tribe”. So being the socially awkward introvert that I am I took to the internet. I visited and came to the conclusion this was just too much pressure.

I posted on Facebook groups, and forums continuously fading into the background. Until one particularly boring day at work, I stumbled upon Fatman on Batman. I listened to every single episode I could and it hit me if you can’t find your place; to create one. So I took to the Reddit community and went in search of a tribe. What I ended up finding was a group of folks dedicated to the same mission as mine.

What if we created a podcast, which would foster a community of individuals who felt the same as we do? With that Misfits Tavern was born.



Why us?

I know there are a lot of content generators in this field out there and most of them are fantastic. But we are not just a blog, we are a safe haven. We are the place I wished existed every single day of my life. It’s not just a blog, or a podcast. It’s a community; a home away from home. This is our fortress of solitude, our Batcave, our Alexandria (Minus walkers, unless you want walkers), our hyperbolic time chamber… Okay, you get the picture.

Here we believe in helping you feel informed, educated and accepted. Every week we will give you consistent content, starting off your week with a our weekly podcast.

Providing you with a sound board for all your ideas, thoughts and general rants.


So Raise your glass

This is for those twelve-year-olds on the blacktop.That 21-year-old in the bar surrounded by friends who just don’t get it. For that hard worker who is constantly told to grow up. This is for all of us who don’t fit the mold, who don’t want to.  Our mission is to make sure no one ever feels like they don’t belong here because the key isn’t to find a place to belong but realizing that belonging is just another mold we don’t need to fit into.

Tune in every week, for reviews, critiques, lessons and articles about every bit of geekdom you can imagine.

Sound off below and let us know who you are and what you’re absolutely passionate about.

And remember not to miss our podcast pilot coming in November!


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