To Be A Misfit


I have always been a misfit.
Maybe it’s my thought process and my view on life.
Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a Slytherin. Who knows?

I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I’m not that good at introductions. It’s nice, however, to be apart of a group that is a bunch of like-minded individuals working towards something that can truly be great. Welcome to the Misfit’s Tavern.

I’m Mo and I will be starting off this week of introduction posts. You will get a view inside the minds of all of the hosts that have gathered create this! We are so excited to bring to you a different voice in the world of gaming, television, movies and more!

Originally from NYC, I have always loved video games and comics. My first comic book was an Archie comic that I got from the huge “newsstand” on the side entrance of Grand Central, right near the subways. It became a weekly tradition that I got these comics and I devoured them. The fights between Betty and Veronica, the love triangles, Jughead being Jughead, I was hooked into their world. I started getting into superheroes around the same time and I discovered Wonder Woman when I went to Midtown Comics for the first time. She’s still one of my favorite heroines.

I’ve been into Harry Potter for as long as well. I was too young to read the first book when it came out, but I was able to read when the second one did. That was basically the beginning of the end, to be completely honest. I started playing video games around the same age with my first game being Pokemon. My brother and I used to trade games all the time so I got to play most of the versions. My favorites were Gold and Silver back in the day. I love most films but ESPECIALLY horror films. Give me some Halloween or Night of the Living Dead. Scare the crap out of me.
Here is a list of some games/tv/movies/things that I like:

  • Anime
  • The Walking Dead
  • Dogs
  • Pacific Rim
  • Harry Potter
  • LotR
  • The Hobbit
  • Shows like Jessica Jones or Luke Cage
  • Music lover
  • French Fries
  • Caffeine and sarcasm

This week we will be premiering all of our social media accounts, which will be displaying in the sidebar to your right. I’m happy to be here and I can’t wait to show you what we have in store! I’ll end this post with my favorite piece of news for the week which is the premiere of Lazer Team 2 by Rooster Teeth on November 22nd on YoutubeRed! The first one was amazing and I know I’ll probably love the second one!

That’s all for now guys!



4 thoughts on “To Be A Misfit”

    1. Mizfit Treehouse! Just threw me for a loop since they are also doing a podcast and just opened their shop in Gettysburg. Anyway, good luck.


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