Tryna Clash?

What’s up Misfits? Did you miss me? I took last week off from posting on the blog so I could focus on editing our podcast. Three episodes are up already and you can check them out here! But now thankfully for you guys, I am back.

Today I want to talk about a gaming tournament that just recently wrapped up; The Clash Royale Crown Championship! Now, I know some people consider mobile gaming the Sicily of our gaming community’s “Italy” (many Italians believe Sicily isn’t a true part of Italy). However, I side with the mobile gamers (not Sicily, Naples all the way baby). Before you jump down my throat; if all you play is Angry Birds on your phone, are you a gamer? LOL no, but I do believe there are a certain few mobile games that require skill and strategy that qualify as real “gaming” games. One of these games that qualifies in my eyes, is Clash Royale.

Now for those of you who don’t know about the game, it is a PVP based game made by SuperCell that has you unlock chests that are earned in battle, collect cards with different abilities from these chests, upgrade the cards and build the best deck possible from your collection to best your adversary. As you win battles, you gain trophies which help you enter new arenas that house stronger foes. Along with this 1v1 PVP mode known as ladder, there are 2v2 battles (known to my friends and me as 2zzzzzzz),  rotating conditional game modes (such as touchdown mode) and last but not least: Challenges. Normally these challenges have a special condition, usually requiring a certain card to be used in your 8 card deck and every win brings you closer to a large valuable prize, while each loss gives you a strike and as the ol song goes: Three strikes and you’re out, mother fucker…ok maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that.

This game can be incredibly fun at times and other times it is incredibly annoying to the point you may travel to the Grand Canyon just so you can hurl your “stupid piece of shit lagging” phone into its depths. So why play? Because we live in the smartphone era and taking a shit has become too boring to not beat others and trash talk relentlessly while doing so, that’s why!



*Thumbs up king* *Thumbs up king* *Crying king*

Good Game!

But in all seriousness, it is a very enjoyable, very addictive game.

The most recent challenge, known as the Crown Championship Challenge, was a little different. The goal was to get 20 wins before losing 3 times (Yo, FUCK that), which to many, including myself seemed impossible. At 14 wins, you won a legendary chest, containing a badass legendary card and at 20 wins, you got 250,000 gold and an entry invitation to the Crown Championship.

This Crown Championship was a tournament used to pit the best players in the world against each other, to find the one true, best Clash player in the world, or chosen one, if you will. And who better to win the title of Crown Champion and the $150,000 prize? A 16-year-old from Mexico by the name of Sergioramos:). That’s right a fucking 16-year-old with a smiley face in his name beat out over 28 million players (not by himself) and won $150,000, that’s insane. That has got to be the coolest feeling ever for him and a great story to tell his friends (Or maybe even on a date, to test if shes really the one. If she thinks that you winning a Clash Royale tournament is fucking dope, then you marry her Sergio, you hear me?!?!).

I tried my hand at the challenge and lost after 8 wins, my thumbs failed me and I am a disappointment to my family and clan. But Sergio’s thumbs served him well and he brought honor to his clanmates.

Congratulations again to Sergioramos:) and Nova Esports on becoming the first ever Clash Royal Crown Champions! You guys deserve it. I just hope he doesn’t spend all the winnings on gems and gold (unless there’s a super magical chest involved, then all bets are off).

If you play Clash or feel like getting into the game, join my glorious clan known as the sable, run by the all-powerful, fearless and noble NDUFU. I’d be happy to rip a 2zzzzz with some fellow Misfits.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about Clash Royale or this article, drop me a comment or send me a message, I’d be happy to connect with you all (Y’all is not a word people).

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Shoutout da boiz, shoutout the sable and our fearless leader Ndufu and the man, the myth, the legend that made this clan possible: Storm.

Until next time Misfits, Clash on! *Thumbs up king*


The Face Behind the Name

What’s up guys! Happy Tuesday!

After many failed attempts/reboots and cuddling with my dog to not freak out while I waited, I was finally able to get my computer up and running again! Hopefully, this will be the last time my computer revolts against me. This has already been a hectic week with the premiere of the podcast! The first three episodes are already out there on iTunes and Podbean so go check them out! We’re going over a variety of topics concerning Stranger Things in episodes 1 & 2 as well as violence and gaming in episode 3. We’ve been so excited to bring to you guys and we hope you enjoy!

Going right into today’s topic, I’ll be talking about the possible controversy surrounding CB Cebulski, who has just been appointed Marvel’s Editor in Chief. Just a few days later, BleedingCool’s Rich Johnston broke the story that CB had used the name “Akira Yoshida” as a pen name. A cursory Google search will pull up some comics with that author as well as news articles and a joke Wikipedia page. Cebulski started working as a manga editor in 1997 for Central Park Media, an American multimedia company that dealt with East Asian media. He left in 2001 and started doing freelance editing for many titles already under Marvel. Marvel hired him in 2002, first as a writer for Marvel’s Mangaverse and then became an associate editor. In 2006, he left the company for several months to pursue freelance writing and editing, working closely on some Image titles. By the end of 2006, he was back working for Marvel as an editor/talent liason. With this new position, he was able to travel the world and meet creators, who were in their prime or had raw talent, to bring into the Marvel-verse. He brought on creators like David LaFuente, Steve McNiven, Adi Granov and Matteo Scalera, to name a few. He was promoted in 2010 to Senior VP of Creator and Content Development. He oversaw a team to recruit, manage and coordinate the creators and editors. In 2016, he was sent to Shanghai and made Marvel’s VP of International Business Development and Brand Management, which helped develop the Marvel brand in Asia for over a year.

You may be wondering when Akira Yoshida first appeared in all of this. From the start of 2004 to the end of 2005, Yoshida started to appeared in comics, with his first publications being with Dark Horse. A different editor at Marvel liked the work and wanted Yoshida to work for Marvel.  He made the jump to Marvel not long after he appeared, writing miniseries comics like Elektra: The Hand and Kitty Pride: Shadow and Flame. He even had a backstory about his life in Japan and America, which basically made a fictional character. Just as quickly as he appeared, he vanished out of nowhere. Apparently, he was set to write something else for Marvel, which fell through with his disappearance. Rumors have always surrounded Yoshida, the man who never appeared at conventions and no one ever talked to on the phone. All interviews were done via email, which was very strange for an up and coming writer. Several people, like Rich Johnston and Brian Cronin, have inquired on whether or not the name was a psuedonym and some wondered if he was even real. Those rumors had been dispeled by Marvel’s senior employees, like Mike Marts, who has stated that he had a meal with Yoshida and talked Godzilla. The man behind the mask remained a mystery for 10 years, even Cebulski was asked if he was Yoshida, which he promptly denied. He chose to wait ten years to admit to something he’d been asked about before, which I find to be interesting because he had a chance before he became EiC to share this and to get it out in the open. Why he said no, I don’t think we will ever know, but it’s food for thought.

The reason I say this is a possible controversy pertains to the fact that the outrage/lack of reaction seems to be evenly matched. The most morally controversial topics is the issue of yellowface and whether or not it could be applied in this case. I’ve been scouring  the internet, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and have seen a bevy of responses to that. Some Asian creators have posted about their outrage, stating that it’s taking away from ACTUAL Asian creators and writers and artists, which very fair and probably true, to what extent I don’t know. HuffPost interviewed two Asian writers, Joshua Luna and Trung Le Nguyen, who pointed out some key points about Marvel and their Asian representation, like the white washing of “The Ancient One”. While Cebulski stated that he has already been punished and that he “learned his lesson”, there are many who don’t believe that he has and think that he should step down. There’s also a lot of people, including Larry Hama, who have stated that Cebulski has done a lot of Asian creators at Marvel and they are unbothered by it. While I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes at Marvel, what I can share as a person of color is that I’ve known people who have done phone interviews and then gone to the in house interview and had the interviewer do a double take and look a little take aback because of their race. More food for thought.

The other issues it brings it up is an ethics issue, one with CB and possibly with Marvel. At the time of his first tenure with Marvel, there was a policy saing that Marvel staffers weren’t allowed to write or draw comic books and if they were able to get approved to write, that they weren’t to get paid over their salary. Originally, it was commonplace for staffers to write for Marvel as well but it was seen as bad practice and discontinued. By  creating this name, he was able to circumvent the current policy to work as a writer which is really tricky. Again, I don’t work at Marvel or have any insight on the inside, but if he was being paid as Akira, which I’m presumig he was, and paid as CB, he would be bringing home two checks which breaks that policy in half like a Kit Kat. It also put him over others because he could control which pitches Akira wrote and which comics he pitched to write, which meant he could have gotten bigger projects than others because he wanted them. The last issue is whether or not Marvel knew about it. According to BleedingCool in the above linked article, the senior offcials who met with Yoshida apparently met with a Japanese manga translator, at least that’s the story. There’s also a possibility that Marvel knew all about what he was doing, which would explain the random gap in his Marvel career. This is all speculation, again, and some things which popped into my mind when going over this shituation.


Do you think Marvel knew? Do you think that he was racist or did something stupid? Leave your opinion in the comments below! Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all located in the sidebar and to listen to the first three episodes of the podcast!

That’s all I have for this week, oddballs!


Let’s Talk: SOMA

Happy Wednesday!

Hopefully, you didn’t miss me too much on Monday, things have been extremely hectic on my end getting ready for the upcoming holidays as well as with work but don’t worry! Check out the website tomorrow for a special Thanksgiving post!I hope everyone is having a great week! I’m excited for the next couple of days because of time spent with family and loved ones as well as finally having a couple of days off!

This is the working title for something I’d like to do from time to time called ‘Let’s Talk’ where I talk about things in gaming, comics and pop culture that have an interesting twist to them that makes me want to read/watch/play that media more. It’s a work in progress so please, bear with me. This week, I’m looking forward to talking to you guys about a game I heard about a couple of months ago that was released for PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation, with a release date for Xbox One on December 1st, named SOMA. 


This game was made by Frictional Games, an independent game publisher/developer from Sweden, that prides itself on developing their own technology to fuel their games. They’ve only developed five titles but the names should be familiar to you such as the Penumbra series, the Amnesia collection and, of course, SOMA. While I’ve never played any of the Penumbra series, I enjoyed all of the Amnesia collection and continue to go back to it, especially since it was released for PS4 Plus members for free back in October! Having always been a fan of independent developers, when I heard about this game, I was so pumped to take a look at it. Released back in September of 2015, SOMA is a science fiction horror game which deals with a lot of different topics all centering around what it means to be human. Like other games from this developer, you are in the first person perspective as you explore this facility. They use a lot of psychological horror elements as opposed to common scare elements which are found in most games for this genre.

This game takes place in an underwater research center called PATHOS-II, that is in apparent disarray at the beginning of the game, and follows the character Simon Jarrett, who has brain damage due to an event that happens prior to the game. Following him throughout this deep sea lab, he finds one other by the name of Catherine, who understands what has happened in this lab and acts as his guide for the duration of the game. As you adventure through the map with/out Catherine, you find yourself immersed in these amazing scenes, from blood-drenched grates to the plants and sea life when in the ocean. Unlike some of the other games they have published and developed, this one has very few objects that can be interacted with in-game, but the environment is still a puzzle in it of itself. A good chunk of what happens in the game is figuring out where you need to be, where you are and how to get there without letting the robotic human-esque ‘monsters’ that are around every corner. Something really cool that this game does is in the modes they have, which are regular play with attacks and all the usual that would come with a horror game and a safe mode play. Safe mode doesn’t get rid of the monsters but turns them into more curious creatures that investigate you as opposed to attacking. One of the game’s developers, Thomas Grip, has said in previous interviews that while the game’s monsters help build the atmosphere they are trying to create, the stories they bring to the table aren’t that important to the larger themes of the game concerning identity and what it means to be human. With things like that in mind, it makes my interest in this game go from a 9 to a 50000. I’m super excited to purchase this game and play it on one of my consoles. It’s currently on PlayStation 4 for $29.99 and  Steam for $10.49

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and everyone stays odd!

Have a great one!


Dead poolsKeeping

Hey there Misfits! Hope you’re all excited to “gobble” up some turkey (don’t you love my puns?). Today is going to be a shorter article from me. I have been busy editing our podcast in preparation for its launch so that it can be the best it can be for you guys to enjoy.

So today’s topic is mostly a question to you, our beloved readers. I talked about this in one of our upcoming episodes, so be sure to check that out, but apparently our buddy Deadpool is appearing on Good Housekeeping’s Holiday cover. Good Housekeeping also included this statement regarding the issue:

“Deadpool’s persistence to be in Good Housekeeping was impressive — initially, we had no idea who he was, let alone that he was a fan of the magazine. But after repeated attempts to ignore his… passion… we came to a compromise. He could appear in one issue if he promised to stop leaving care packages at our editors’ homes and agreed to maintain a 50-foot distance from the Good Housekeeping offices and our staff.” -GH

Check out the whole article through the link above. If you’re a fan of Deadpool and all the sillyness he brings, you definitely enjoy this marketing move. Deadpool’s marketing campaign for the first movie was a little out there and mostly marketed the film as a romantic story for couples to go see on valentine’s day. Anyone who has seen the movie knows that is not true but it was clever and fun to see the marketing team try to get as much buzz going about the movie as possible. Now that the second movie is coming out, the same team seems to have stepped up their game and gotten Deadpool a feature in a magazine he has no business being in. So if you’re a Deadpool fan like me, you may see this as a funny and smart marketing move. 

However, if you are a Good Housekeeping fan, you may be thinking, who the fuck is this strange looking red guy on my magazine? As my co-host Jared pointed out, this may feel to some like a missed shot, in that, the two fan bases of Deadpool and Good Housekeeping do not share many common interests for the most part. The majority of the readers may not even know who the loveable murk is and not understand the jokes inside at all.

So, getting to the main point of this article. What do you guys think? Is this a clever marketing move, merging two divergent genres to create confusion in order generate buzz and conversation about an upcoming movie? Or does this feel like a missed shot and a waste of time and money on both companies parts? I personally just enjoy the humor of it and think that the oddity the combination will get people talking and in turn, cause people who would never even think of Deadpool, to look into what his deal is and maybe grab some new viewers that are out of the normal demographic.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this stunt and have a conversation about the pros and cons. Whichever way you lean on the matter, I think we can all agree with my other co-host, Nick: Deadpool must have some great laundry tips on how to remove blood from clothes.

Please leave me some comments down below if you have any thoughts on this topic, I am very eager to hear what people have to say. 

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Until next week Misfits! Have a Happy Turkey Day!



Greetings Misfits, from a galaxy far far away… well not really more like from an office chair in a dark room but greetings all the same. It’s a good time to be a T.V. junkie and not just because there so many good shows on air right now but also because there are a ton a potentially great shows in the works.

The Lord of The Rings is one of the most popular movie franchises ever and for good reason. It looks like Amazon is now going to be capitalizing on the rabid enthusiasm of the LOTR fans by creating a T.V. series. The series will appear on Amazon Prime T.V. and will take place some time before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring. There have been no announcements about casting as of yet but Amazon did confirm that there will be multiple seasons and a possible spin-off. If done correctly Amazon may have a smash hit on their hands with a world as lore rich as Middle Earth but LOTR isn’t the only major franchise getting a T.V.  series.

A Star Wars live action television show is also rumored to be in the works. Disney appears to be cutting ties with Netflix and plans on starting its own streaming service so it’s likely that the show will appear on Disney’s new platform. No official announcements have been made regarding the show and it is likely still in the planning phase but the news is still exciting. Star Wars has stories that span across such a vast time span that you could provide content on an indefinite bases. But there has been some concern the Disney may be overstating the market with Star Wars content. There are already several more movies planned for release not to mention Star Wars video games. In order to keep things fresh Disney should pick a point in the Star Wars time-line that has yet to be explored in great detail.

With that bein said I am still excited for both shows I think they have the potential to be amazing but that potential carries with it the opportunity to disappoint a countless number of fans if things don’t go well but as the saying goes nothing risked nothing gained.

Let us know what you think , are you excited for these shows or do you think Star Wars and LOTR belong only on the movie screen. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook or email us at, catch you Later Misfits.






Disney…I, Am Your Cash Cow

What is up my Misfits? I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far and that my posts have been helping get through your Tuesday bluesdays for the past few weeks. It has Been (Kenobi, haha, that joke will make sense in a few paragraphs) an absolute blast writing for you guys and getting your various forms of feedback. I am pleased to inform you that the podcast that will accompany this blog is just under two weeks away from launch! We actually just recorded our pilot episode yesterday. We are all so ecstatic to get this thing going and we hope you are excited to start this journey alongside us! That being said, we will continue to post on the blog along with releasing podcast episodes very very soon, hooray!

Now that my weekly update is finished, let’s get on to my topic of discussion this week. We’re talking about Star Wars! I know, you’re all like “fuck yeah.” Don’t worry, me too.

So before it was the fourth installment in an ever-expanding saga, Star Wars was its own movie. Before it became the brilliant and smash success that it is, it had to be its own stand-alone movie that people liked enough to have sequels made. Luckily for George Lucas (and us, praise be unto the holy lord father Lucas), the first movie was a success and sequels were given the green light. Lucas said he had always planned for more movies because he had a larger story to tell. So the sequels were made and I think we can agree episodes 4-6 were awesome (awesome, they were mhmmmmmm -Master Yoda). Now it was also said that he wanted the prequels and was always planning for them, however, there is (as there always is on the internet) doubts and speculation about that. But hey, more Star Wars, so I’m not complaining. I know there is a sweeping opinion that the prequels blow, but I personally don’t mind them. Alright, Phantom Menace is a bit tough to grit your teeth through but the other two aren’t that bad. I enjoyed them for the most part. Plus the whole conspiracy about Jar-Jar being a Sith Lord and Lucas scrapping the idea because of backlash about the character is amazing. I’m serious, that conspiracy shit is real, check it out here. For a long time, we thought that was all the adventures we would get in this universe.

Then the new trilogy was announced. I, like many others, was fucking PUMPED. People had their qualms with The Force Awakens, but for real, fuck people, it was a new installment and I dug the fuck out of it. I also can’t wait for The Last Jedi and the ninth, unnamed film. Rogue wasn’t my favorite movie, but it was cool to see a prelude to the original story. Even though it felt like a filler, I could see it being necessary.

Now there are talks about standalone movies about Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo. Now people may be excited about this to learn about the past of some fan-favorite characters, but me, I am a little wary. Now that the new trilogy stirred up so much excitement and the recent purchase of Lucas Films by Disney, it feels like the company is set to pump out as much Star Wars content as our fan base can stomach before all the hype dies down.

To me, this feels like more of a money grab than a dedication to the fans and the SW universe. I think some things and details are better left unsaid and left to the imagination of the viewers. That is half the fun of movies sometimes. If you have everything nailed down and solidified for you, there is no imagination left. Not to mention, if this canonized info is created and thrown together in the midst of a cash grab scenario, we may have another Phantom Menace situation on our hands and that would make me pretty unhappy.

If you just read that and said “Shut the fuck up, JJ” I have a few things to retort. First, Hey, come on guys chill out 😦

Second, yes maybe you’re happy to see some of your favorite characters explored more deeply, I understand that and I really hope the movies are good. Like. seriously who am I kidding I am going to see those movies 100%. However, to further my ‘milking of a cash cow’ theory; there is a live-action Star Wars series in the works as well as a new ‘blank canvas trilogy. The trilogy will be headed by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. This trilogy will tell a new story with new characters in a different corner of the galaxy but set in the same universe. That sounds like it could be cool but I kind of feel like trying to strike gold twice with the same franchise, but with a complete overhaul may be a bit too ambitious. I feel like it could water down the excitement that comes along with Star Wars, the fact that we have followed this story for so long and now it is being completely reset in a sense.

The series, likely set for 2019, doesn’t have a set storyline yet or what characters it will feature, but it has been officially announced (along with a High School Musical show, God help us all). While this series may be exciting and fun, it feels forced. Also, during the superhero movie boom that occurred in the past few years, we got a shit load of superhero shows and look how most of those turned out. They strayed from the real vision of the characters and seemed to become normal tv dramas. With a few exceptions, I will admit.

However, my main point here is that it feels like there is too much SW shit coming out in too short of a time. You know what they say, too much of a good thing is bad. Am I boycotting and condemning all of these things? Absolutely not, I am just skeptical and hope that Disney continues to uphold the integrity of Star Wars and doesn’t flood the market with rushed projects and hollow shells of what the beloved franchise once was.

So? What do you think? Do you agree with me or not? Wanna talk about it or let me know your thoughts? Drop me a line, I would love to discuss this with you guys. Be sure to like, subscribe and follow our blog and social media accounts.

As always, it has been a pleasure Misfits, stay classy San Diego (and everywhere else).

Need to Know: Black Friday

Happy Monday Misfits!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I sure did by starting the remake of the .hack//G.U. game series, which I got for my partner as an early Christmas gift. He has played the entire game series and based off his thoughts, I decided to give it a test run. While I’m not super far into the game, I find myself wanting to play hours upon hours of it. It’s so immersive that sometimes when I go to check my email in the game, I find myself forgetting that I’m in the game. Be on the look out in the future for full play posts about it once I’ve done some advancing!

Speaking about the holidays, since they just around the corner, I find myself wondering what I’m going to be doing in terms of gifts for my friends, my animals, my partner and others in my life. I also find myself trying to figure out where all the best sales are – especially for games and systems! While we have a PS4 at our home, it’s a little hard when you both want to play your games for the same system. Usually I’ve got to kick him off so I can some in before I go to bed! Today I’d like to share some of the notable sales happening during Black Friday and going into Cyber Monday.


According to the blog post, their sales will go from November 19 Novemeber 27th, lasting an entire week. Starting with the VR systems, there are two bundles: Playstation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle at $299.99 (MSRP) and the Playstation VR Skyrim Bundle at $349.99. These bundles include the PS VR system, Playstation camera, a copy of the games as well as 13 PS VR demo titles for you to try! The Skyrim bundles comes with two Playstation move controllers, which are vital to gameplay. For the Playstation 4, the 1TB Slim system is only going to be $199.99, which is a great price to get it at, especially for the gamer in your life. DualShock 4 controllers are also at a low price as well, only $39.99! They just released a bunch of translucent colors as well so now is the time hop on those deals! Some of the best deals come in the form of games with deals up to 40% off popular titles starting on November 17th if you’re a PS Plus member, November 21st if you aren’t but the deals go until November 28th so there will be enough time to browse these titles.


While Xbox is also having a week long Black Friday, this is only open to Xbox Live Gold members starting November 17th through November 27th. The deals for the public start November 23rd, so it won’t be too long for a wait. While all of the deals will become public knowledge on the 23rd, some deals have been presented by Xbox. The Xbox One S 500GB is only $189 with a free game of your choice, one month Xbox game pass and 14 day Xbox Gold subscription trial. Certain retailers will be doing the free game while others won’t so check with the retailer to see if that will be offered with your bundle. Games are going to be up to 65% off their MSRP, with Gold members getting an extra 10% off. Gold members will have early access to this deal, starting November 17th with general access on November 21. In the Design Lab, where you can design your own controllers, you get $15 off the price, which starts at $64.99, with free shipping starting on November 21st. 

This is a developing story so as soon as I know more about the deals, I will be updating this post or making a separate post with the update so be on the lookout! The sales which I want to go out on Black Friday for are the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One S offers, but I don’t know what to choose. Like I said earlier, I am leaning more towards the PS4 because all of my games are for that and I really enjoy the system, however I know that I never really gave the Xbox a chance and with everything it comes with, it’s a very enticing offer. I didn’t get a chance to cover all of the offers but there will be links below which have the full press releases from Microsoft and Sony.

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all of which are linked on the side! Our podcast will be premiering here November 20th so be on the look out for that!

And as always, stay odd!


(Source: Sony and Microsoft)

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