Greetings Misfits, from a galaxy far far away… well not really more like from an office chair in a dark room but greetings all the same. It’s a good time to be a T.V. junkie and not just because there so many good shows on air right now but also because there are a ton a potentially great shows in the works.

The Lord of The Rings is one of the most popular movie franchises ever and for good reason. It looks like Amazon is now going to be capitalizing on the rabid enthusiasm of the LOTR fans by creating a T.V. series. The series will appear on Amazon Prime T.V. and will take place some time before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring. There have been no announcements about casting as of yet but Amazon did confirm that there will be multiple seasons and a possible spin-off. If done correctly Amazon may have a smash hit on their hands with a world as lore rich as Middle Earth but LOTR isn’t the only major franchise getting a T.V.  series.

A Star Wars live action television show is also rumored to be in the works. Disney appears to be cutting ties with Netflix and plans on starting its own streaming service so it’s likely that the show will appear on Disney’s new platform. No official announcements have been made regarding the show and it is likely still in the planning phase but the news is still exciting. Star Wars has stories that span across such a vast time span that you could provide content on an indefinite bases. But there has been some concern the Disney may be overstating the market with Star Wars content. There are already several more movies planned for release not to mention Star Wars video games. In order to keep things fresh Disney should pick a point in the Star Wars time-line that has yet to be explored in great detail.

With that bein said I am still excited for both shows I think they have the potential to be amazing but that potential carries with it the opportunity to disappoint a countless number of fans if things don’t go well but as the saying goes nothing risked nothing gained.

Let us know what you think , are you excited for these shows or do you think Star Wars and LOTR belong only on the movie screen. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook or email us at, catch you Later Misfits.







Disney…I, Am Your Cash Cow

What is up my Misfits? I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far and that my posts have been helping get through your Tuesday bluesdays for the past few weeks. It has Been (Kenobi, haha, that joke will make sense in a few paragraphs) an absolute blast writing for you guys and getting your various forms of feedback. I am pleased to inform you that the podcast that will accompany this blog is just under two weeks away from launch! We actually just recorded our pilot episode yesterday. We are all so ecstatic to get this thing going and we hope you are excited to start this journey alongside us! That being said, we will continue to post on the blog along with releasing podcast episodes very very soon, hooray!

Now that my weekly update is finished, let’s get on to my topic of discussion this week. We’re talking about Star Wars! I know, you’re all like “fuck yeah.” Don’t worry, me too.

So before it was the fourth installment in an ever-expanding saga, Star Wars was its own movie. Before it became the brilliant and smash success that it is, it had to be its own stand-alone movie that people liked enough to have sequels made. Luckily for George Lucas (and us, praise be unto the holy lord father Lucas), the first movie was a success and sequels were given the green light. Lucas said he had always planned for more movies because he had a larger story to tell. So the sequels were made and I think we can agree episodes 4-6 were awesome (awesome, they were mhmmmmmm -Master Yoda). Now it was also said that he wanted the prequels and was always planning for them, however, there is (as there always is on the internet) doubts and speculation about that. But hey, more Star Wars, so I’m not complaining. I know there is a sweeping opinion that the prequels blow, but I personally don’t mind them. Alright, Phantom Menace is a bit tough to grit your teeth through but the other two aren’t that bad. I enjoyed them for the most part. Plus the whole conspiracy about Jar-Jar being a Sith Lord and Lucas scrapping the idea because of backlash about the character is amazing. I’m serious, that conspiracy shit is real, check it out here. For a long time, we thought that was all the adventures we would get in this universe.

Then the new trilogy was announced. I, like many others, was fucking PUMPED. People had their qualms with The Force Awakens, but for real, fuck people, it was a new installment and I dug the fuck out of it. I also can’t wait for The Last Jedi and the ninth, unnamed film. Rogue wasn’t my favorite movie, but it was cool to see a prelude to the original story. Even though it felt like a filler, I could see it being necessary.

Now there are talks about standalone movies about Obi-Wan Kenobi and Han Solo. Now people may be excited about this to learn about the past of some fan-favorite characters, but me, I am a little wary. Now that the new trilogy stirred up so much excitement and the recent purchase of Lucas Films by Disney, it feels like the company is set to pump out as much Star Wars content as our fan base can stomach before all the hype dies down.

To me, this feels like more of a money grab than a dedication to the fans and the SW universe. I think some things and details are better left unsaid and left to the imagination of the viewers. That is half the fun of movies sometimes. If you have everything nailed down and solidified for you, there is no imagination left. Not to mention, if this canonized info is created and thrown together in the midst of a cash grab scenario, we may have another Phantom Menace situation on our hands and that would make me pretty unhappy.

If you just read that and said “Shut the fuck up, JJ” I have a few things to retort. First, Hey, come on guys chill out 😦

Second, yes maybe you’re happy to see some of your favorite characters explored more deeply, I understand that and I really hope the movies are good. Like. seriously who am I kidding I am going to see those movies 100%. However, to further my ‘milking of a cash cow’ theory; there is a live-action Star Wars series in the works as well as a new ‘blank canvas trilogy. The trilogy will be headed by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson. This trilogy will tell a new story with new characters in a different corner of the galaxy but set in the same universe. That sounds like it could be cool but I kind of feel like trying to strike gold twice with the same franchise, but with a complete overhaul may be a bit too ambitious. I feel like it could water down the excitement that comes along with Star Wars, the fact that we have followed this story for so long and now it is being completely reset in a sense.

The series, likely set for 2019, doesn’t have a set storyline yet or what characters it will feature, but it has been officially announced (along with a High School Musical show, God help us all). While this series may be exciting and fun, it feels forced. Also, during the superhero movie boom that occurred in the past few years, we got a shit load of superhero shows and look how most of those turned out. They strayed from the real vision of the characters and seemed to become normal tv dramas. With a few exceptions, I will admit.

However, my main point here is that it feels like there is too much SW shit coming out in too short of a time. You know what they say, too much of a good thing is bad. Am I boycotting and condemning all of these things? Absolutely not, I am just skeptical and hope that Disney continues to uphold the integrity of Star Wars and doesn’t flood the market with rushed projects and hollow shells of what the beloved franchise once was.

So? What do you think? Do you agree with me or not? Wanna talk about it or let me know your thoughts? Drop me a line, I would love to discuss this with you guys. Be sure to like, subscribe and follow our blog and social media accounts.

As always, it has been a pleasure Misfits, stay classy San Diego (and everywhere else).

Need to Know: Black Friday

Happy Monday Misfits!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I know I sure did by starting the remake of the .hack//G.U. game series, which I got for my partner as an early Christmas gift. He has played the entire game series and based off his thoughts, I decided to give it a test run. While I’m not super far into the game, I find myself wanting to play hours upon hours of it. It’s so immersive that sometimes when I go to check my email in the game, I find myself forgetting that I’m in the game. Be on the look out in the future for full play posts about it once I’ve done some advancing!

Speaking about the holidays, since they just around the corner, I find myself wondering what I’m going to be doing in terms of gifts for my friends, my animals, my partner and others in my life. I also find myself trying to figure out where all the best sales are – especially for games and systems! While we have a PS4 at our home, it’s a little hard when you both want to play your games for the same system. Usually I’ve got to kick him off so I can some in before I go to bed! Today I’d like to share some of the notable sales happening during Black Friday and going into Cyber Monday.


According to the blog post, their sales will go from November 19 Novemeber 27th, lasting an entire week. Starting with the VR systems, there are two bundles: Playstation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle at $299.99 (MSRP) and the Playstation VR Skyrim Bundle at $349.99. These bundles include the PS VR system, Playstation camera, a copy of the games as well as 13 PS VR demo titles for you to try! The Skyrim bundles comes with two Playstation move controllers, which are vital to gameplay. For the Playstation 4, the 1TB Slim system is only going to be $199.99, which is a great price to get it at, especially for the gamer in your life. DualShock 4 controllers are also at a low price as well, only $39.99! They just released a bunch of translucent colors as well so now is the time hop on those deals! Some of the best deals come in the form of games with deals up to 40% off popular titles starting on November 17th if you’re a PS Plus member, November 21st if you aren’t but the deals go until November 28th so there will be enough time to browse these titles.


While Xbox is also having a week long Black Friday, this is only open to Xbox Live Gold members starting November 17th through November 27th. The deals for the public start November 23rd, so it won’t be too long for a wait. While all of the deals will become public knowledge on the 23rd, some deals have been presented by Xbox. The Xbox One S 500GB is only $189 with a free game of your choice, one month Xbox game pass and 14 day Xbox Gold subscription trial. Certain retailers will be doing the free game while others won’t so check with the retailer to see if that will be offered with your bundle. Games are going to be up to 65% off their MSRP, with Gold members getting an extra 10% off. Gold members will have early access to this deal, starting November 17th with general access on November 21. In the Design Lab, where you can design your own controllers, you get $15 off the price, which starts at $64.99, with free shipping starting on November 21st. 

This is a developing story so as soon as I know more about the deals, I will be updating this post or making a separate post with the update so be on the lookout! The sales which I want to go out on Black Friday for are the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One S offers, but I don’t know what to choose. Like I said earlier, I am leaning more towards the PS4 because all of my games are for that and I really enjoy the system, however I know that I never really gave the Xbox a chance and with everything it comes with, it’s a very enticing offer. I didn’t get a chance to cover all of the offers but there will be links below which have the full press releases from Microsoft and Sony.

That’s all I’ve got for this week! Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, all of which are linked on the side! Our podcast will be premiering here November 20th so be on the look out for that!

And as always, stay odd!


(Source: Sony and Microsoft)

What exactly is Ragnarok?



Hello Misfits, with the newest installment of the Thor saga making its way into theaters there is plenty of excitement from both casual Marvel movie fans and hard-core comic book geeks.  The former however may be a little curious about where the name of the new Thor movie came from and what it means. Ragnarok is here and I’m going to explain exactly what that is and what it means for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Some of you may be thinking “Ragnarok” sounds like some sort of Norwegian hair metal band and…. your probably right but in terms of what it means in the comic book and cinematic universe it’s a little more complex than that. You see Thor is from a place called Asgard which is home to the Asgardians; a race of powerful beings that often act as galactic peace keepers,the Asgardians are so powerful that many other races see them as gods.

Although the Asgardians are powerful they are not immortal in fact their home land is stuck in a cycle of life and death that causes the destruction of Asgard and the death of almost all of the Asgardians. The process of this cataclysm taking place is referred to as Ragnarok. Usually some super powerful evil deity leads an invasion of evil beings into Asgard, the Asgardian ruler is killed  and everything is destroyed. Eventually Life finds its way back to Asgard and the cycle begins again.

So basically Ragnarok is the Agardian apocalypse that brings about suffering and death but is also the beginning of a new cycle, at least that’s what it means in the comic books anyway. In the new Thor movie it seems like they combined elements of Ragnarok from the Thor comics and elements of Planet Hulk. While there is a giant battle and an overpowered evil doer that leads an invasion, the movie steers clear of many of the apocalyptic elements that are in the comics. This is good news for the Avengers franchise because it means they may be getting their two heaviest hitters back sooner than we thought.

With that said the Thor movie is doing well in theaters so regardless of what interpretation was used, this film is still and action packed entertaining block buster.

Feel free to let us know what you thought of the movie in the comments or drop us a line on social media. Catch you later misfits.






Time to Get Down With a Thor Showdown Countdown

By: JJ Ferrigno

First off, I want to apologize to you, my wonderful readers. Last week (on such a hallowed day no less, haha) I lied to you. I am so sorry. Haha, yeah, I said I watched 19 hours of Stranger Things for you, while what I really watched was 17 hours because 8+9=17, silly ol’ me. Now that my groveling is done, onto the article.

As you may or may not know, Thor Ragnarok premiered on November 3rd, 2017. For those of you Marvel movie lovers that dig Thor you probably have seen or have plans to go see this movie soon. For those of you that don’t necessarily vibe with Thor, let’s be real, it’s a superhero movie and if you’re reading this article, you’re probably going to go see it anyway. Yeah, that’s right! I know you! I can see into your soul! Haha, just kidding…or am I?

This installment of the franchise’s God-liest Avenger holds many surprises inside. Without giving anything away and only sharing what can be seen in the trailer anyway, Thor gets a haircut (God forgive whoever dared cut those luxurious locks), He reunites and fights (haha rhymes are fun) with his “friend from work” The Incredible Hulk, and his hammer, Mjolnir, is destroyed apparently. Poor thing. An added thought to increase the sadness of that fact, Mjolnir is said to be alive in some way, so technically his hammer was…murdered? That is pretty dark Marvel, leave the innocent sentient weapons alone!

In honor of this movie premiering and the hype surrounding it, we at Misfit’s Tavern want to keep the hype train chuggin’ along all week. So to keep you excited, happy and entertained (I do so much for you guys) I have compiled a list of some of Thor’s Greatest battles and fights. 

Let’s get down to our throwdown showdown!


#5. Thor vs Hercules: The Incredible Hercules Vol 1 #136

This was a long-awaited battle by fans of Hercules and Thor alike. The premise behind this fight is a bit convoluted, but the battle itself is fun, humorous and entertaining as hell. Hercules is duped into impersonating Thor to carry out a dark deed that is necessary to the complicated plot. Thor arrives thankfully, disguised as Hercules (wait…what?) This comedically influenced fight culminates when Thor-Hercules kicks Hercules-Thor square in the holy trinity and follows it up with a nice atomic wedgie. If you don’t believe me or want to check out this visually impressive fight for yourself, take a gander at The Incredible Hercules Vol 1 #136.



#4. Thor vs The World Serpent: Thor #380

In this showdown, Thor battles Jormungand, the World Serpent! Thor, who was previously injured in earlier events, is pitted against a serpent that was destined to destroy him. Throughout the entire stunningly beautiful fight, the two send powerful attack after powerful attack at each other, until finally, the serpent clamps its gigantic jaws around our beloved Asgardian. So sad to see, the serpent seemingly fulfilled his purpose, until….his teeth are shattered from the inside of his mouth. “Outh, thahh wreawy hurrr, thawwww” -The World Serpent. The issue ends with a final clash between the two, resulting in Jormungand being killed and Thor’s armor laying on the ground, empty. Oh, sure he kills a giant serpent and then leaves so someone else has to clean up his mess. Real classy guy.


#3. Thor vs Iron Man: Thor Vol 3 #3

After such events of the superhero civil war, like Tony Stark championing a government registration system for supers as well as creating a clone of Thor, named Ragnarok (OMG LIKE THE MOVIE??) that murdered Goliath, Thor and Tony meet in New Orleans. Tony informs the god of the new registration system which is welcomed by lighting bolts and insults courtesy of Thor. Thor easily shrugs off any attacks attempted by Tony and informs him that he is no longer holding back from using his full strength on his former metal friend. Tony is embedded into the ground by a blow from Thor and is rebuked with “learn the difference between a god of thunder and a mortal man in a metal suit”. Tony hastily offers a compromise which causes Thor to walk off, leaving a battered Iron Man to walk home in broken armor. While this is an excellent fight, it is sad to see these two former friends great each other with such malice and contempt.


#2. Thor vs The Incredible Hulk: Hulk Let the Battle Begin Vol 1 #1

This is one of my favorite fights between Thor and The Hulk. These two always have interesting and fun to watch battles, however, this battle was the first definitive win for The Hulk. Now I know what you’re thinking: “But this is a list of all of THOR’S best battles”. I hear you and my answer is simply, calm down. As Drake would say: you win some, you lose some, as long as the outcome is income. Now I am not 100% sure that the outcome was income, what I do know was that this was a great battle. It took place at Mount Rushmore which is pretty freakin’ cool (fuck it, let’s have them fight at a national monument for some reason). Plus, Hulk earns his first official win by grabbing Thor’s hand and pull-off the ol’ “why are you hitting yourself? why are you hitting yourself?” with Mjolnir and Thor’s beautifully sculpted face. Overall, enjoyable battle, humorous style of fighting and two great characters duking it out.


#1. Thor vs Superman: Justice League of America/Avengers #2

With the JLA and Avengers pitted against one another in a deadly scavenger hunt across the multiverse, many intense battles ensue. When the score is 6 to 5 in favor of JLA, Thor and Superman battle over the cosmic cube. What is better to settle a religious debate than to have your gods kick each other’s asses to prove whos best? The world would be so much simpler (and cooler). With their teams fighting messily around them, Supes and Thor proceed to decimate a forest around them (STOP DEFORESTATION!) while hurling insults and attacks at one another. One thing you have to love about large scale battles in comics is all the shit talk that goes on during the altercations. I can barely sip soup and listen to music at the same time, let alone use superpowers and think of witty zingers to mentally demoralize my opponent. Props to you superheroes, that’s impressive. The thing I love about this fight is that it actually has the balls (can a battle have balls?) to declare a winner. The winner, after a well-fought battle on both sides, is ultimately Superman (Line up and shake hands, good game, good game, good game). Though Thor lost, this battle deserves the number one spot because not only is it a stunning fight visually and has some incredible sequences, it brings together both universes for an exciting battle that puts all of our favorite heroes in jeopardy, facing off against one another. Good job breaking down barriers comic book people.


So? What did you think? Did you like my list? Anything you think I missed or should have added? Are you still hyped to see the new Thor Movie? Let me know the answers to any of those questions or just say hi, either down in the comments or on any of our social media accounts.

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Peace and love Misfits. May the many-faced God bless you all.


Happy Monday Misfits!

I hope everyone is having a not too dreary Monday. I know my day started off with a lot of rain!

This past weekend, Thor: Ragnarok just premiered! I know I’m really looking forward to seeing it in theaters tonight. Something that stood out to me was that the Thor fanbase has grown immensely, bringing him to the level of Superman, Batman, and other famous heroes.

While I’m not trying to bring Thor down, I find myself wondering why he’s such a popular hero and if his movie persona is truly that of a hero.

Traditionally, Marvel heroes are made to be imperfect, as a step away from DC characters but Thor was the direct opposite of that. Out of all of the other heroes in the MCU, he is the only one who doesn’t really fit into the mold that the heroes like Spiderman did, that they were just like you. His lack of humanity literally put him a step above. Even with their attempts to humanize him, they weren’t able to bring down that much. He has family and love troubles but something that really put him to the side was the fact that all the other heroes in MC universe end up overcoming their problems, whereas his problem is his lack of humility, which a lot of humans still don’t understand the concept. He resembles the jock stereotype more than other heroes which he overcomes in later comics and movies. He also has a secret identity by the name of Donald Blake, a human medical student, which he doesn’t really use as much as the other characters in the Marvel universe, but utilizing his alter ego when necessary.

In his origin story in the comics, Thor is a headstrong and proud boy which his father sees and decides that he needs a lesson in humility. His memory is erased and he truly believes that he is human, before coming across the Mjolnir in Norway while still without his memory. Eventually, it is revealed that Blake has been Thor this entire time and he regains his memories. Throughout the comic book series, he grows as a character, falling in love with Jane Foster, becoming more human with each variation. Continuing with his affinity towards Earth, he starts to regard himself as a superhero when he starts to work with the Avengers. 

When it comes to movie persona, Thor has the same problem, acting like a boy gone wild and was subsequently banished from Asgard to learn how to become worthy. Just like in the comics, he’s extremely brash and believes that he is entitled to rule Asgard. Due to him starting a war against the Frost Giants, his father concludes that he is vain and needs to be taught a lesson. Stripped of his mighty hammer, which is where a good amount of his strength comes from, he ends up being tasered and the movie continues on. They follow the Jane Foster route and through her, he learns compassion and humility which is apparent at the end of the first movie. While in both the comics and the movies, Thor seems to grow in the way that his father wanted him to, even he knows when to admit defeat, which is a part of what led Jane Foster to become the New Thor. When you follow the just the comic persona, he is no longer worthy of the titles he has earned and does fight the change of hands, asking Jane for the Hammer back, even though he knew he couldn’t weld it. After a while, he accepts this new Thor, not knowing it’s Jane, and gives her the Thor name, changing his name to Odinson. While the movie persona hasn’t gotten to that point, I would be very interested to see how they handled it, considering Jane is still a big part of Thor’s life.

If you haven’t seen it by now, I’d suggest watching all of the movies, including Ragnarok one right after the other. That’s all I have this week! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on here! Be on the lookout for the premiere of our podcast coming later in November!

Have a good one misfits!



download (16).jpg

Halloween has come and gone but that doesn’t mean we can’t stay in the spooky spirit. Here at Misfit’s Tavern we are keeping Halloween going all week-long , and in the spirit of Halloween her are 5 video game bosses that will give you the creeps.



I. The Thorian: Mass Effect

The Thorian can be found on the Planet Zhu’s Hope in the Mass Effect Universe. This creature is a giant parasite that is not only capable of taking control of people’s minds it can also clone other life forms. Aside from its startling appearance what really makes this boss creepy is that it uses spores to turn people into thralls without the host even being aware they are infected.



      download (14).jpg

   II. The Hunter: Dead Space

     Dead Space is a very creepy game and one of the creepiest enemies is the Hunter. This mini boss likes to jump out of vents and drop down from ceilings right before it runs at you faster than an Olympic sprinter. This grotesque monster not only looks terrifying but is one of the most challenging monster to kill in the game.



                  download (12).jpg

           III. Silent Hill 2: Pyramid Head

                 The Pyramid head from Silent Hill is the most iconic video game monster on this list. This giant half monster half man is one of the strongest enemies in the Silent Hill franchise as well as one of the scariest to encounter. The metal pyramid-shaped helmet on this creatures head give it an ominous nightmare inducing Visage that is even more frightening in-game.


                      download (15).jpg

IV. Outlast: The Groom

The Groom is a villain in the Outlast Whistle Blower DLC. He is a mental patient that has endured torture and torment while being imprisoned at Mount Massive Asylum. The Groom is a deranged serial killer with an extremely creepy demeanor, he suffers from delusions that give him the urge to brutally torture and mutilate his victims for sexual gratification. The thing that makes The Groom so creepy is that his back story is oddly plausible and  his behavior is reminiscent of serial killers that have actually existed.


    download (13).jpg

V. Fable 3: The Crawler

The Crawler Is the main antagonist for the second half of Fable 3, he is an ancient entity that was locked away long before the events of Fable. In the game The Crawler awakens due to recent events and is unintentionally set free by the games hero. This evil character loves to torment his victims before possessing them and robbing their unlucky soul of all light and hope  sending them into a fit of madness and despair. The Crawler has a creepy other worldly appearance and produce several jump scares thought the video game in stark contract to most of the other villains in the franchise.

Here's To The Oddballs